Williams Co. Safety?

What is Business/Safety Record of the Williams Co.?

2003 FINED $20 million for reporting false data to manipulate the US natural gas market.[1]

2004 FINED $30,000 after a fire burned out of control at a well near Parachute, Colorado.[2]

2007 Williams agrees to pay $290 million from the class action lawsuit filed in 2002.[3]

2008 (Sept) Natural gas explosion in Appomattox, Virginia [Transco] Two homes destroyed, damage to about 100 other houses and multiple injuries. [4]  Williams believes these events likely took a total of two minutes to occur: (1) The pipe split with pressure just below the maximum allowable operating pressure. Gas, rocks, and dirt blew into the air. There was a deafening roar and shaking that many people believed was an airplane crash or earthquake. (2) A 32-foot section of the 30-inch diameter pipe tore loose and came out of the ground. Now there were two open 30-inch pipes blowing gas. (3) A nearby power line was caught in the gale of gas, came loose, and struck the ground, causing the spark that ignited the fire.[5]

2009  FINED $925,000 as a result of the Virginia pipeline explosion in 2008.[6]

2011 (June)  Williams subsidiary FINED $23,000 by PHMSA for failure to conduct own annual inspections of Natural Gas compressors stations in Texas and Louisiana.[7]

2011 (Dec)  A Williams/Transco natural gas pipeline ruptured with an explosion that could be heard for more than 30 miles while shooting flames nearly 100 feet in the air for over an hour.[8] 

2012 (March) An explosion at a natural gas compressor station in Susquehanna County on Thursday morning blew a hole in the roof of the complex holding the engines, shaking homes as far as a half-mile away and drawing emergency responders from nearby counties.[9]

2012 (March)  Transco/Williams FINED $50,000 by PHMSA for failure to follow own internal policies with controlling corrosion in Natural Gas pipeline from NY city -- Staten Island.[10]

2012 (July), a compressor station operated by Williams Companies in Windsor, New York was venting gas in a "routine procedure"—during a lightning storm—when the vent was ignited by lightning, causing a fireball "hundreds of feet into the air".[11]

2012 (April) Transco Natural leak discovered in Bergen County, New Jersey.[12]

2013 (Jan) Williams discovers leak of NGL's in Parachute, CO plant while working on construction to expand the plant.  Leak found by ACCIDENT.  Leak stopped, but more than 241 barrels (approx 10,000 gallons) of hydrocarbon liquids contaminated soil and groundwater.[13]     

2013 (March) Williams Natural gas pipeline in Marshal County West Virginia ruptures.[14]

2013 (April) A Williams subsidiary at the center of an investigation into a major hydrocarbon leak near Parachute Creek was hit with a $275,000 penalty in November for stormwater violations that threatened the same watershed.[15]

2013 (May) Williams compressor station catches fire Susquehanna County, PA / Branchburg New Jersey.  About 1 ton of methane was released in that blast.[16]

2013 (June 13) Williams Natural Gas Liquid (NGL) cracker plant that process NGL's in Louisiana, the Geismar Plant, Explosion and Fire.  2 people killed. 114 people injured.  31,000 pounds of toxic chemical released.[17]

2013 (June 14)  Investigation into Williams Geismar Plant explosion reveals:  3 years of noncompliance with Federal Clean Air Act.[18][19]

2013 (July 10)  Williams subsidiary, Bargath FINED $7,854 by OSHA for failing to protect workers sent to excavate toxic soil near the Williams Parachute, Co plant that leaked Benzene.[20]