Water Wars Begin

Fracking and Water Shortages in Northern Colorado

A water shortage in the Colorado River basin is becoming an urgent concern. Catastrophic wildfire is an annual reminder of ongoing drought. Farmers are fallowing their land because of uncertain water availability. The rapid expansion of the oil and gas industry throughout the region has had residents from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs worried about what that means for their air, water and quality of life.

Frackers Seeking Out Fresh Water in Frightening Ways

The so-called Ohio Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District (MWCD) has agreed to a deal with Antero Resources to allow drilling and fracking on 6,700 acres under and around the Seneca Lake area. The directors at the Watershed District recently voted to pass the deal. The amount they’ll get for a signing bonus? $40.3 million—or $6,200 per acre for leasing 6,500 acres (acreage number was adjusted down a bit). Plus 20% royalties. In the very near future, how will the public compete for fresh water supplies against such deep pockets?  Enjoy the lake view Ohio...while you still can.