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A Plethora of Information on Youtube Concerning the Williams Company and Pipelines in General

Watch for the quote, "...I couldn't give you an honest answer; because honestly I don't know."

Pipeline Devastation

Religious orders Sisters of Loretto and Abbey of Gethsemani deny access to land for gas pipeline

Two Roman Catholic communities, which collectively own more than 3,000 acres in Central Kentucky, are refusing to permit access to their historic properties for a proposed underground pipeline that would transport flammable, pressurized natural-gas liquids across the state. Read the story.

Breaking News - Franklin County Fiscal Court Considers Official Opposition of the Bluegrass Pipeline!

In a commendable display of leadership and initiative on behalf of the people of Kentucky, the Franklin County Fiscal Court just called a special meeting to vote on a resolution opposing the Bluegrass Pipeline.
Date:  Thursday, July 25, 2013
Time:  5:30 PM
Place:  Franklin County Fiscal Court, 321 West Main Street!

Bluegrass Pipeline spurs strong opposition

Learn about opposition to the pipeline in the Lebanon, KY area in this Lebanon Enterprise article.

Fracking Operations and Pipelines Scar the Landscape

Take an informative plane ride along with blogger Bill Houston who shows us the ugly blight of fracking operations and pipelines in Pennsylvania.

KRC Calls On Bluegrass Pipeline Proposers to Conduct a Comprehensive Environmental Impact Study 

The benefits and burdens of energy-related projects such as the ill-conceived Bluegrass Pipeline Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) Pipeline project, are never equally distributed. And while NGLs (including ethane, propane, natural gasoline, butane, and isobutane) have economic value, the production, transportation, and beneficiation (cracking) of these NGLs impose burdens on the communities where natural gas is extracted from shale and other geologic strata, those through which the separated NGLs are transported by rail or pipeline, and those hosting facilities where the various components of the NGLs are separated and processed for use.  Read more...

Information on the Bluegrass Pipeline

The pipeline proposed by the Williams Company and Boardwalk Pipeline Partners, and would supposedly transport mixed “Natural Gas Liquids” from the areas where natural gas is being produced from the Marcellus and Utica shale formations in West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, to the Gulf region for further processing and use. Learn more about this new potential environmental threat.


Editorial - It seems as though Kentucky is under a new assult from the fossil fuel industry, this time in the form of a poorly planned, minimally researched natural gas pipeline proposal. The offensively named "Bluegrass Pipeline" threatens to cut through Central Kentucky on it's way to connect to an existing pipeline in Hardinsburg, KY and then on to the Gulf Coast. The funders of the pipeline have stated that the project is on "speed to market" timeline, aiming to be operational by 2015.

  Natural Gas Liquids Spill in Ohio

Contaminated Well Water
 Where Are They Going to Put The Wastewater?

Bluegrass Pipeline Threatens to Cut Across Kentucky

As many as a 18 Kentucky counties (see map) are within the possible path of a proposed pipeline that would carry hazardous natural gas liquids from the fracking fields of Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio to processing plants and export terminals along the Gulf Coast.

This could be What's Left of Your Bluegrass

Hazards Posed by Natural Gas Drilling not always Underground

Fear about environmental damage from Marcellus Shale natural gas drilling is often trained on what could happen deep underground, but some of the gravest hazards posed by the process are driven in trucks, stored in tanks, carried through hoses and left in pits on the surface of natural gas well sites.  Concentrated chemicals, as well as wastewater containing toxic levels of salts and metals, are stored, produced or transported in large quantities at each well site, creating the potential for tainting drinking water or seeping into local ponds and streams.

New York City Gas Leak - This is What a Vapor Cloud Can Do