Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sellus Wilder Challenges for Kentucky Senate Seat

If you've had the opportunity to see the film, The End of the Line, you are doubtlessly familiar with it's producer, Sellus Wilder. While fighting to protect Kentuckians from corporate abuse of eminent domain, many of us put in hundreds of hours of work attending meetings, presenting to citizens' groups and government officials across the state. Sellus was one of those people. At practically every meeting or event I attended, he was there working to film our efforts. Beyond that, he spend many hours working to review and edit the film. He then went on a major road trip to share the story of the pipeline across Kentucky and in other states as well.

A passionate supporter of environmental causes, Sellus believes in the cause and carried forth the message. We here at received several emails from many of you saying that you gained hope for your own battles by seeing our story in film.

Sellus is now running for Senate in Kentucky and hopes to challenge Rand Paul for his seat in the upcoming elections. To learn more about Sellus's candidacy, check out his website.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Kentuckians Win Case Against Bluegrass Pipeline's Eminent Domain Claims

FRANKFORT - Landowners who had opposed efforts to put a natural gas liquids pipeline across 13 Kentucky counties were victorious Thursday in the Kentucky Supreme Court.

The state’s highest court decided not to review a May 2015 ruling from the Kentucky Court of Appeals that said Bluegrass Pipeline LLC did not have the power of eminent domain because it was not a utility regulated by the state Public Service Commission.

Since the Supreme Court decided not to review the appeal, the appellate court’s decision stands, said Tom FitzGerald, attorney for Kentuckians United to Restrain Eminent Domain.

Many citizens opposed the project, saying the flammable liquids posed environmental and safety concerns. In 2014, the two companies proposing to build Bluegrass Pipeline halted the project and suspended investment because they said it had not received the necessary customer commitments to move forward.

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Sellus Wilder's End of the Line Chronicles the Bluegrass Pipeline Story

FRANKFORT — Filmmaker Sellus Wilder hopes audiences will take to heart the message of his new documentary about citizen opposition to the Bluegrass Pipeline in 2013-14.

"Grassroots movements can win fights against multi-billion-dollar corporations," Wilder said. "The people can win the seemingly unwinnable fight."

The 90-minute film, The End of the Line, premieres Saturday at an invitation-only screening at the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville.

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